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Medicine and the Spirit of Adventure

Wilderness Medicine, Medicine and the sprit of adventure

Help Save Lives and Prevent Death from Altitude Illness!

Hikers die from high altitude illness every year while trekking in Nepal. Portable hyperbaric chambers are used for the emergency treatment of this illness and can prevent unnecessary deaths. Currently there are only 3 locations where a portable altitude chamber (PAC) is available on the route to Everest Base Camp (EBC). Project PAC-Nepal 2009 has been created to purchase additional chambers to be placed in villages along the trail. The cost of each hyperbaric bag is approximately $1200. The money will also support ongoing training in use of the equipment for Nepali guides and local village people living along the trail. Use of the portable hyperbaric chambers will be available for anyone needing emergency treatment for altitude illness.

To donate, please follow the link below:


You are also welcome to join us on the trek to Everest Base Camp as we deliver the portable high altitude chambers to the tea houses along the route and teach the people living in the villages how to use the bag.